Atitlan Luxury Homes and Land

From a one million dollars view to the million dollars property, Lake Atitlan offers both. Considered one of the most beautiful lake in the world and still so little none. It allows you to get affordable luxury real estate properties. Encounter in our portfolio the quality of  investment opportunities reserved for a long time to the wealthy Guatemalan old families.

We have to offer you the best in matter of security as our best properties are titled giving you the maximum security in terms of ownership. Not all waterfront is  free hold as the majority is a leasehold agreement with the government. But we have exceptional properties either house or land with freehold title.

Guatemala is easily accessible by plane (3 hours from Miami, 5 from LA, 6 from NY, 1 1/2 from Mexico), Lake Atitlan is soon to be under 2 hours from Guatemala city with a new bypass in construction and you can fly by helicopter in 25 minutes.

Still a destination with tremendous margin of growth as the top of the market are still negotiated a 5th or a 10th of the value of what more mature markets offers.

Now if you don't find the house you are searching we can build your own dream house, we have ample experience in building high end houses like Casa Prana waterfront luxury villa.

Casa Prana Luxury villa

In terms of real estate, Guatemala on top of offering excellent prices , the country has exceptional weather , it is called the country of the eternal spring, and a very welcoming native population.

Don't hesitate to contact us for a complete information about the potential of investment in Lake Atitlan Guatemala.